SHA statement on the DHS Transition Plan for Medicaid Home and Community Based Services

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SHA commentary on the DHS plan for Community Support Services Regulations and Rates

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SHA Industry Commentary regarding 2015 CSS Regulations, Rate Setting and Office of Housing for Supportive Housing

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RE: FY 2016 Budget Recommendations

December 2014
The Honorable Jennifer Velez, Commissioner, NJ Department of Human Services
222 South Warren Street
Trenton, NJ

RE: FY 2016 Budget Recommendations

Dear Commissioner Velez:

I am submitting this budget request on behalf of the over 110 members of the Supportive Housing Association of NJ (SHA). Several of the points enumerated below pertain to both DHS and DCA and will be submitted to Commissioner Constable as well. Since supportive housing encompasses both housing and supportive services, we urge you to assist us by speaking to Governor Christie and Commissioner Constable to encourage affordable housing opportunities for people with disabilities so that we can truly increase and enhance the amount of housing with support available to those with special needs in NJ. We must capitalize on the Department’s ongoing efforts to truly integrate people into society by going beyond group homes and embracing a variety of housing models.

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