Housing Models for Supportive Housing

The Supportive Housing Association of NJ (SHA) is a membership organization that advocates for a strong and vibrant supportive housing industry in which people with disabilities have access to and choices relative to permanent community homes with support. SHA is eager to work with families whose adult children are contemplating moving into the community with access to flexible supportive services.

SHA believes it is helpful to present examples of innovative concepts that parents or consumers may use as they work to create independent housing models for their adult children that enable them to live as self-sufficiently as possible. As we hear of innovative concepts, we will share them here. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with your comments and recommendations.

Condo Housing Model for individual using Self-Directed Individualized Budget

Background Information

In 1996, due primarily to the advocacy support of many individuals, AD was included in NJ’s Governor’s initiative, which was eventually known as the Self-Determination (SD). This pilot program provided an in-home budget for supports and services. In 2010, prompted by many family stressors and need to be part of the future planning for AD, her family began to explore a series of out-of-family home residential options. Several meetings were held in 2011 with DDD staff and other DD knowledgeable individuals to begin figuring out how the (SD) budget could transfer in supporting AD transition from the family home to a community residence, the renewal month for her SD budget each year is March. At that point in time, DDD was going through numerous procedural changes and gave the family 2-choices, stay on Self-Determination and receive no additional support or switch to a Self-Directed Individualized Budget (SD-IB) for and have an increased budget to support an out-of-family home transition. AD’s family decided to switch to this new SD-IB program for individuals living independently in the community. Meetings and planning began in November 2011 for the new program to start March 2012.

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Family-Organized Supportive Housing

Read how one family pulled from available resources to create supportive housing for their young adult daughter.

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We are pleased to present the following housing model that has been composed by a family member in NJ who wishes that his daughter transition to her own living arrangement away from her aging parents. The housing model that is envisioned here proposes a three-person shared living environment with in-house support. Through private funding (purchase of the home) combined with pooled resident income for operating expenses, the model is proposed for consideration.

Three-Person Shared-Living Arrangement Model

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This Housing Model was presented at the SHA Developers Group Meeting, October 2012

Developing Housing: Strengthening Supports; Making Healthy Nonprofit Agencies

Sid Blanchard, Executive Director, Community Access Unlimited and
Bob Laux, President, Wild River Consulting Corporation (formerly Creative Management Associates, New Hampshire)

Community Access Unlimited (CAU) is a longtime SHA member. Sid is the founding Executive Director of CAU. He has built a large and successful organization in Union County as both service provider and real estate developer of housing with supports for people with developmental disabilities. Sid will share his philosophy and research findings on the state of supportive housing and the key to a successful future.  

Bob Laux has over 40 years of experience in the creation of community services and the development of housing options for people with disabilities. He is a recognized national figure on “home ownership” and “asset development” and has provided technical assistance in affordable housing in 48 states, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to over 250 nonprofits and state governments.

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